Our Story

In 2012, the Birthplace of Country Music (BCM) secured the funds to build what had evolved into the Birthplace of Country Music Museum. Museum planners initially considered a more traditional museum with artifacts, static exhibits and the like. Ultimately, however, BCM decided on a more state of the art, interactive museum. Along these same lines, early plans for the museum included a radio station exhibit within the Museum’s core exhibits – an exhibit that would offer historical background on the rich radio culture of Bristol and the greater region. Soon, the vision grew into something that was much more than what was initially planned. The radio exhibit would not only be interactive, but there would also be an actual radio station within the museum.

With the approval of a construction permit granted March 18, 2014, plans to implement the necessary steps to launch a station began. Through generous donations of equipment and the expertise of industry professionals, Radio Bristol was soon outfitted with state of the art, yet historically accurate equipment. Significant labor hours focused on operations, programming and logistical demands were put into the project prior to launch. A grass roots crowdfunding campaign largely funded by our generous community helped the station as we prepared for launch.

Radio Bristol officially launched on August 27th, 2015 with a staff steady operations and quality programming.

Radio Bristol Today

Radio Bristol, a branch of the Birthplace of Country Music, is a nonprofit community station providing listeners with a platform celebrating the roots of American music through a variety of original programming. Integral to Radio Bristol is its commitment to local and regional arts and culture. Through educational and entertaining programming Radio Bristol celebrates our region’s music


Radio Bristol exists to educate audiences worldwide regarding Bristol’s rich musical heritage; to promote Bristol and activities and elements of BCM of which we are a part; and to entertain our listeners, viewers and visitors with quality original programming.