Green Team

Please recycle during our festival – and every other day! Our Recyclers, a.k.a. the Green Team, pick up recycling (paper, plastic, and aluminum) from the designated recycle stations throughout the entire festival weekend, so be sure to thank our volunteers as you see them on the streets. The Green Team also helps our vendors to recycle cardboard and dispose of cooking oil and waste water resonsibly.

Each year, we ask our food vendors to only use compostable food storage and silverware, along with recyclable drink ware; our crafts vendors are asked to only use recyclable plastic bags or paper bags. In 2016, we created cotton reusable tote bags with a cool Green Team design — these are on sale in our museum store so that you can avoid taking any disposable bags!

It is thanks to our partners and volunteers that we are able to make the festival greener every year — without them we wouldn’t be able to do this good work! Past and present sponsors include:

ASR Metals — A local metals recycling company that has provided Green Team with one of our recycling collection points during festival.

Ball Corporation — They worked with us for several years collecting our aluminum cans for recycling. Proceeds from the sale of the cans have gone to our local United Way organization.

Code Restoration — A local restoration company that has provided Green Team with one of our recycling collection points during festival.

EcoLogical Energy Systems — A local wind and solar energy provider who has offered solar charging stations for cell phones.

Ferguson Animal Hospital — A local veterinary medical facility that believes in being green and supports the Green Team.

Keep Bristol Beautiful — An organization that works hard to eliminate Styrofoam and other food container products that are not eco-friendly. This is now mandatory for our food vendors.

KS Promotional Products — A local promotional business that supports the printing of our cool Green Team t-shirts.

Necessary Oil Company — A local business that helps all the food vendors dispose of their left-over cooking grease.

Revolution Curbside Recycling — A local business that will pick up recyclables at your door; they assist in the clean-up and disposal of all festival recycling materials.

Shearers — A local potato chip company that has supported our green efforts.

We are always looking for other ways to make Bristol Rhythm sustainable in the future — a few of these are listed below.

  • -Reusable stainless steel pint glasses for sale in our beer gardens
  • -Water fill-up stations for your reusable camel-backs and thermoses in all indoor venues
  • -And more!

Be a GREEN HERO — help us keep the festival GREEN.



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