Guided Jams

September 11-13, 2020

Guided Jams

Time and Date:

September 11-13, 2020, 9am-6pm

Event Description:

Do you bring your instrument to a festival but feel shy about taking it out and actually playing with other people? You are not alone, even if it sometimes feels that way!

Gilbert Nelson will be with us helping closet pickers start jamming, playing real bluegrass at slow speeds, and learning the ear skills and ensemble skills that are hard to pick up on your own. All according to the Wernick Method.

Gilbert will also serve as “Lifeguard” for open guided jam sessions throughout the day and super convenient location and times. Guided jams are for advanced and entry level pickers alike. Dr. Jambo will make sure everyone gets to participate!

Gilbert is friendly, understanding, and very experienced with novices. He knows his stuff! He will show you what it takes to be a part of a bluegrass jam session, fitting in at your own ability level. You’ll be jamming almost immediately, on good and easy two-chord songs! This is an excellent introduction to jamming in easy to understand low pressure sessions. Attend one or repeat sessions FREE.

Also, check out our four (4) day Wermick Method Jam Camp just before the festival.

Instrument Check

We will offer a Secure Instrument Check so you can jam all you want and then check your instruments where they will be locked up and kept in a secure location for carefree festival listening.

Secure instrument check for Dr. Jambo’s guests ONLY.

All instruments must be picked up by 6:00 p.m. on Saturday or will be locked up and held over until Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

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